What are the system requirements for Waggle?

Waggle Minimum System Requirements
  • All devices require a minimum of 1024x768 resolution or higher and browsers must maintain 100% zoom level.


Waggle works best with Google Chrome but the following list shows all supported devices
and web browsers:

*Text to speech capability is not supported for Internet Explorer 10 or below.

Browser Settings:

  • Waggle requires the following settings for web browsers:
    • JavaScript (not to be confused with Java) must be enabled.
    • Cookies must be enabled.
    • Pop-up blocker must allow gogetwaggle.com for reports to function correctly.

Network Requirements:

Several Variables can impact the performance of a network. Number of users, slow performing devices, content filters and firewalls, latency (latency is the amount of time it takes for data to get from one point to another), etc. can impact the overall system performance regardless of the overall bandwidth. We suggest that each student have access to 350kbps throughput to have the best experience while using Waggle.
  • Internet connection type: ADSL/Cable/Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  • Signal Quality: Uncongested Wi-Fi 802.11n or hard wired (100Base-T) with high speed switch.
  • Service Area: Coverage area for AP’s should be within a diameter of 100 to 300m with two or more access points serving to support user capacity.

Known areas of network congestion and suggestions:

  • If there are several hotspots available, placing them on different channels can help to alleviate congestion (network congestion is similar to a traffic jam). If you are still experiencing slow connections try using the 5Ghz range.
  • Access Points should be located in a visible area not located behind walls, or located near microwave ovens, whenever possible.
  • Overall network throughput should be a minimum of 350kbps (kilobytes per second) for each user. For example, if the access point throughput is 7Mbps (megabytes per second), and twenty students are concurrently accessing the same access point, their dedicated throughput would be 350kbps.

Firewall and Content Filter Requirements:

Firewalls, Content Filters, Proxy Servers, and Virus Protection can have a large impact on Waggles overall performance, even in cases where bandwidth appears sufficient. When possible, content filters and proxy servers should be bypassed and make sure that proxy server cache is properly configured.

The following domains should be whitelisted in your school’s firewall and should allow for HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) connections:

  • gogetwaggle.com
  • www.gogetwaggle.com
  • practice.gogetwaggle.com
  • instruct.gogetwaggle.com
  • support.gogetwaggle.com
  • *.w3.org
  • *.google-analytics.com
  • *.s3.amazonaws.com
  • triumphlearningtoolbar.speechstream.net
  • triumphlearningservices.speechstream.net
  • triumphlearningcache.speechstream.net
  • triumphlearningmathjax.speechstream.net
  • s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com
  • hello.myfonts.net
  • analytics.gogetwaggle.com
  • wagglesupport.com
  • www.wagglesupport.com
  • https://supportdesk.gogetwaggle.com

The following rules will need to be added to your Exchange/Spam Filter:

  • Accept emails from “gogetwaggle.com”
  • Accept emails from “triumphlearning.com”





System_Requirements_for_Waggle.pdf System_Requirements_for_Waggle.pdf