Goals for Growth Contest

WHAT:  Waggle-wide contest to see which classes use Learning Goals the most.

WHY:  We want to make sure your students are spending the majority of their Waggle time working on Learning Goals. Learning goals are adaptive and allow teachers and admins to track growth. Learning Goals recommend new content after every item, allowing students to follow their own path and practice the skills they need to be successful. When you review growth reports in Waggle, it is the students’ growth within Learning Goals that you are viewing.

WHO:  The top 20 classes with the highest usage of Learning Goals during the contest period will earn a prize: a class pack of 30 plush pigs OR a $100 gift card to be used for a Class Flock Party.  

WHEN:  The contest runs from February 15, 2017 to April 15, 2017.

WHERE:  We will be tracking students’ time spent in Learning Goals only. The usage of Skill Boosts and Games are not included in this contest.

HOW:  You do not need to do anything to join the competition. The Waggle team will be tracking the average time spent in Learning Goals.
Waggle Tip: Please assign only 1 or 2 Math Learning Goals, and only 1 ELA Learning Goal, at a time. This will keep students focused on the skills you want them practicing, and you will see the best results. This contest is looking at time spent in learning goals, not on the number of learning goals assigned.

Please click on the attached document for the Terms and Conditions.



Triumph_Goals_for_Growth_Contest_Official_Rules.pdf Triumph_Goals_for_Growth_Contest_Official_Rules.pdf